About the Energy Factbook

The Energy Factbook provides information on the politics, economics, ecology, and future perspectives of the Energy Industry in times of a changing environment.

The Energy Factbook – Who we are

We are energy experts with roots in PR, Law, International Relations, and more. We are a multicultural team with backgrounds in the Americas, SID States (Puerto Rico), Switzerland, England and Scotland and are currently based in Dundee.

What we see

Since the beginning of this century, the world’s demand for energy has increased by almost 50% and yet there are still more than 1 billion people on this planet without access to electricity.
While some countries have now taken on the challenge towards a low (or even zero-) carbon economy, a majority of the countries are consequently still increasing their emissions. A dilemma that is no good news for the earth’s climate. And there is more: It is also unclear, how “Common But Differentiated Responsibility” – a key term in all climate treaties – is finally understood. As is the question of how our systems (grids) deal with green energy sources, how fossil fuel companies conduct the required transition, which futuristic solutions will make it to the mass market, etc.

Our purpose

It’s the year 2020. Climate Demonstrations have shaken up the international agenda for the last few years, newspapers are filled with Energy and Climate Change related content and during beer-o-clock-time, everyone seems to be an expert. Our purpose is, therefore:
1) to fuel the world with energy knowledge and environmental facts
2) to link the involved actors in the transition towards a low-carbon economy
3) and to explain the difficulties in aligning governments, companies, and eventually every human being.

How we do it

The Energy Factbook website is a knowledge-hub and go-to place for industry experts, companies, but also everyone else who is keen to better understand “Energy”.

The Energy Factbook podcast series is a weekly podcast discussing contemporary issues in the energy industry and highlighting the top news of the week. It focuses on different countries, technologies, challenges, developments, legal barriers, and much more.

The Energy Factbook newsletter summarizes the global energy headlines of the month.

While you are here – how you can help us

Creating content, gathering information, and finally communicate them in an inspiring and easy-to-understand way is time-consuming and costly. If you like what we do, and you wish to hear and read more from us, you can now support us on Patreon, we offer three distinct business models. Thank you!